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Daphne Grimm

Daphne Grimm is Sabrina's seven-year old sister. Daphne is a very bright and happy child and she loves being a Fairy-Tale detective just like her grandmother, Relda Grimm. Daphne is always coming up with new words, such as "jerkazoid," "Pucktastic," and "gravy." She also has a quirk of biting the palm of her hand whenever she is very excited, usually when the Grimms meet a very famous Everafter. Daphne has a very loving personality. She cares very much about her family and will do anything to help anyone. She also has a very strong relationship with the family dog, Elvis. She has numerous nicknames such as "Marshmallow" (by Puck) and "Peanut" (by Jacob). She also is good friends with former insane asylum patient Red Riding Hood, now Red Riding Hood is sane, and is safe and fun to be with.

This is Sabrina GrimmEdit

"Is this some kind of joke?"

"Does it look like a joke?"

Sabrina and Daphne about Daphne's new grown-up look.

Daphne's relationship with Sabrina is very rocky. Sabrina is used to taking care of her little sister and babies her a lot, often trying to make decisions for her and telling her what she can and can't do. Daphne really doesn't like this because she says she isn't a baby anymore and doesn't need to be treated like one. In Magic and Other Misdemeanors, Sabrina and Daphne met their future selves. Daphne sees that her future self is no longer bright and happy, but cold and distant. Before they depart, Future Daphne tells her that maybe it is time that she grows up a little. Daphne decides to do it and comes down one morning wearing a dress and having her hair combed neatly. Sabrina reacts by asking if the whole thing was a joke, to which Daphne replied, "Does it look like a joke?" and rolled her eyes. Sabrina found Daphne's new behavior rude and offensive.

The Fairy-Tale Detectives Edit

Daphne and Sabrina are sent to live with Relda Grimm, their 'deceased' grandmother, who lives in the East Coast town of Ferryport Landing. Sabrina thinks her grandmother is insane, but Daphne doesn't care that her grandmother talks to the house. When Granny Relda tells them the true story of the Grimms, Daphne wants to be a part of the family business and immediately begins investigating the giants. Sabrina, however, becomes so grumpy about the business because she wants to be a normal child that later on in the series, Daphne gives her the title 'jerkazoid,' another one of her made up words. Eventually, the two siblings solve the mystery of the giants, though Sabrina is still not happy about the whole Everafter world. This is due to the fact that she thinks they are all traitors and kidnapped her parents. Daphne, however, is delighted at meeting fairy-tale characters and bites into her palm whenever she meets one.